I finally cracked the code! I turned $2,500 into $50,000 , and within a year, my gains turned into something I didn't even think was possible!

Who am I?
I'm just a guy who makes money trading stocks. Join my discord and learn how I do it. Locates are expensive nowadays.

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Why Start a Room?

I didn't start out a good trader. I don't think anyone does. I was broke. I was in college. I was working full time. I was hating my life. I would skip class, lie to everyone, and sneak off to the library to trade. I knew that trading was my only way out of that life.

If you're here then you probably have seen a few of my YouTube videos. I make these for fun as well as to pass on some knowledge. You might ask, why open a room if I already make money trading? Well for two reasons. First, to make more money duh. Second... well let's just say I got my heart broken.

Strategy Creation

My success as a trader comes from my background in physics. I have a very logical mind which allows me to be objective, to question ideas, and to put those ideas to the test.

All of my strategies are derived from my theories on how the stock market works. I've studied many successful traders, but there were always some parts that didn't quite add up. This disconnect between what they were teaching and how they were executing frustrated me.

I realized I had to create my own methods.

If a strategy doesn't make logical sense in theory, and/or cannot produce profits through experiments and tests then it has no place in my trading. All of my strategies are backed up by data that I have gathered through endless hours of hard work.

Through trial and error, I have successfully found a system of strategies that work for myself as well as my students.